JAKARTA (Yosefardi) – Manufacture industry remains becoming the largest tax contributor. In the future, there will be some sectors that will be explored further in order to optimize tax revenue.

The sectors are mining, trade, construction, and financial services. Tax coverage in manufacture sector will be improved.

According to the Acting (Plt.) Head of Fiscal Policy Agency Suahasil Nazara, the government has prepared some strategies to secure tax. “The first strategy is extensification and intensification on Individual and Business Entity Taxpayers,” he said.

One of the strategic implementation is data-matching and IT optimization with Guidelines for Development Administration, Data Utilization, and Supervision-scheme (PAP3D).

The second strategy is examination. One of them is the examination to Individual Taxpayers running free business (focused on 40 large taxpayers in each Tax Office (KPP) and examination towards Business Entity taxpayers in trade or leading sectors in each regional office of Directorate General of Tax.

“Examination will also touch multinational companies and taxpayers under one business group, which will be focused on transfer pricing and disguised dividend examination,” explained him.

Examination will also be conducted to taxpayers in leading sectors, such as mining, banking, real estate, and other leading sectors.

The last strategy is law enforcement, which are divided into current billing (block, seize, gijzeling), examination on initial and investigation evidences (nonfake invoices), and examination on initial and investigation evidences (fake invoice).

“In addition, tax revenue from individual taxpayers will be optimized by considering the potential of Individual Income Tax, which remains low, seeing from the compliance level,” he affirmed.