JAKARTA (Yosefardi) – Fire accident took place on Monday (July 13) at one of PT SMART Tbk’s downstream production facilities located at Jalan Balmerah Baru III, Belawan II, Medan.

The damaged facilities consist of a margarine and shortening processing facility, filling and packing facilities, as well as part of a finished good warehouse located next to the affected facilities.

Other production facilities such as refinery, fractionation, Cocoa Butter Substitute processing, kernel crushing plant, and another finished good warehouse were not damaged and can be operated as per normal.

Based on 2014 data, revenue contribution from the damaged production lines is not material; sales volume from the damaged production lines represents less than 1% of the Company’s total sales volume.

The Company continues to produce margarine, shortening and branded cooking oil products from its other plants located in Marunda and Surabaya, thereby ensuring the availability of these products.