JAKARTA (Yosefardi) – Richard Joost (RJ) Lino, graft suspect and former President Director of the state port operator PT Pelindo II, failed to answer the call from the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) for examination session today (Jan. 29) due to illness.

Lino’s lawyer Maqdir Ismail denied speculation saying that his client skipped the KPK’s call due to worry that later he will be detained by the KPK after the examination session. Maqdir said his client is now under a medical treatment at the hospital after he got a minor heart attack.

Initially, today, Lino will be questioned by the KPK for the first time in his capacity as a suspect in the scandalous Pelindo II’s procurement of 3 units of Quay Container Crane (QCC).

Lino earlier lost a legal battle against the KPK as the  South Jakarta district court rejected his pre-trial lawsuit over the KPK’s decision on naming him as a graft suspect. (haryantosuharman@yosefardi.com)