JAKARTA (Yosefardi) – The capital city is again shocked by the killing of a police officer.  Bripka Sukardi, a provost member, was shot to death last night in front of The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) building, South Jakarta.

Police is still investigating the case and has yet to name any suspect.

Puji Hartanto, Chief of National Traffic Police, revealed that the police will sweep of any vehicle inside or outside the capital city. “We are still chasing (the shooter) … we welcome anyone with useful information,” said Puji.

Badrodin Haiti, Chief of National Security Police, explained that the shooter used an illegal weapon, likely FN 4.5mm caliber. “It can be confirmed that the shooter used an illegal weapon and we will trace it down,” Badrodin said.

Sukardi previously guarded six trucks from Tanjung Priok Port using a motorcycle. When the convoy passed in front of the KPK office around eleven o’clock, four people with motorcycles cornered the convey and one of them shot Sukardi to death.

At National Independence Day in Aug. 17, 2013, a police officer was also shot to death in Pondok Aren as he was on his way to attend the Independence Day ceremony. (indrab@yosefardi.biz)