JAKARTA (Yosefardi) – State-owned loan collateral provider Perum Jaminan Kredit Indonesia (Jamkrindo) booked net profit of Rp625 billion in 2015, declined 5.7% from Rp663 billion in 2014.

Net guarantee revenues fell 11.4% to Rp1.28 trillion from previous Rp1.44 trillion. Investment income rose 12.8% to Rp600 billion from earlier Rp531 billion.

Its assets increased 16.1% to Rp11.64 trillion from Rp10.03 trillion in 2014. Liability also jumped 33.3% to Rp2.167 trillion.

Jamkrindo now focuses to provide loan collateral for maritime sector, mainly for micro-small-medium segment.