JAKARTA (Yosefardi) – Former president of Indonesia B.J Habibie plans to launch the Indonesian-made airplane R-80 in 2017.

The R-80 or Regio Prop 80 is produced by 15 airplane experts with 20-years of experience from PT Dirgantara Indonesia. Some of them also have experiences of working for Boeing and Airbus.

The R-80 was produced by PT Regio Aviasi Industri (RAI), the joint venture between PT Ilhabi (owned by Ilham Akbar Habibie) and PT Eagle Capital (owned by Erry Firmansyah).

PT RAI invests US$500 million on first phase of the R-80 project. One unit of R-80 costs US$28 million.

The Indonesia-made airplane R-80 is designed to carry 80 passengers with propellers. (oktofani@yosefardi.biz)