JAKARTA (Yosefardi) – Senior figures as well as young politicians within the Golkar Party have pushed their party leaders to hold a chairmanship congress (Munas) early this year in order to elect a chairman for the Party.

They shared their beliefs that the 2016 Golkar Munas is necessary needed to be hold to reunite the Party as well as to realize regeneration of leadership within the Party ahead of the 2017 simultaneous regional elections.

They have, moreover, also urged the Party’s judicial council to establish a transition leadership before holding a new Munas.

Among those urged the Party leaders to hold a new Munas early this years are Golkar Senior figures such as Akbar Tandjung and those affiliated in the so-called Golkar youth axis.

At the moment, Golkar is remain deeply divided into the two warring factions of Aburizal “Ical” Bakrie and Agung Laksono, which among others, caused the Party to suffer significant lost in the 2015 simultaneous regional elections. (haryantosuharman@yosefardi.com)