JAKARTA (Yosefardi) – The foreign exchange (forex) loss along with the significant drop of rupiah currency against the US dollar has turned the paper producers into losses for the nine months to September of 2015 period.

PT Suparma Tbk (SPMA) suffered loss of Rp66 billion in the period, against profit of Rp21.76 billion a previous year. It recorded forex loss of Rp117 billion, widened from a previous year’s loss of Rp5.5 billion.

While sales increased 3% to Rp1.15 trillion from previous Rp1.11 trillion. The company’s assets reached Rp2.22 trillion while liability amounted Rp1.48 trillion.

PT Fajar Surya Wisesa Tbk (FASW) also suffered loss of Rp428.96 billion in the period, against profit Rp98.6 billion a year earlier. It recorded forex loss of Rp592.33 billion, widened from previous Rp16.2 billion.

Sales also declined 12.2% to Rp3.64 trillion from earlier year Rp4.15 trillion. Its assets reached Rp5.65 trillion while liability amounted Rp4.5 trillion.