SINGAPORE (Yosefardi) – First Resources Limited produced 77,526 tons of crude palm oil (CPO) in August 2015, grew by 0.2% from 77,347 tons in the same period of 2014.

For first eight months of this year, the company’s CPO production reached 438,695 tons, increased 11.4% from 393,706 tons in the same period of last year.

Palm kernel oil (PKO) output declined 2.9% to 17,714 tons in August 2015, while PKO extraction was 5.3%. CPO extraction rate reached 23%.

FFB output rose 0.6% to 313,372 tons in August 2015, from 311,533 tons in August 2014. Nucleus plantation produced 287,318 tons of FFBs while plasma plantation produced 26,054 tons.