JAKARTA (Yosefardi) – Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) revealed on Tuesday (March 1) that February 2016 deflation was 0.09%, compared to 0.51% inflation in January 2016.

Of 82 cities, 52 cities recorded deflation, highest occurred in Merauke (-2.95%) and the lowest occurred in Sibolga, Bogor, Sumenep, and Makassar (-0.02% each).

While 30 cities recorded inflation, highest occured in Tanjung Pandan (1.02%) and the lowest occured in Bandah Aceh (0.02%).

The deflation in February 2016 was contributed by staple food (-0.58%), housing, water, electricity, gas, fuel (-0.45%) and transportation, communication, finance services  (-0.15%).

While processed food, beverages, cigarettes, and tobacco contributed 0.63% to inflation, clothing (0.64%), health (0.26%), and education, recreation, and sport (0.06%).

The inflation rate of volatile component of calendar 2016 and year on year were 0.42% and 4.42% respectively.