JAKARTA (Yosefardi) – Plantation company PT Eagle High Plantations Tbk (BWPT) is set to get loan of more than Rp2.5 trillion, used to refinancing debts.

Now the company recorded a negative working capital of Rp1.84 trillion. Bond debt of Rp703 billion is scheduled to mature on November this year.

While long term debt to mature within one year ahead amounts Rp773.28 illion. The matured debt now reaches Rp1.81 trillion of which short term loan accounts for Rp337.11 billion.

Meanwhile financing firm PT Mandiri Tunas Finance (MTF), a joint venture company of between PT Bank Mandiri Tbk (BMRI) and PT Tunas Ridean Tbk (TURI), plans to issue bonds worth Rp1-2 trillion in the fourth quarter of this year. It targets to book new financing of Rp20 trillion for this year.