JAKARTA (Yosefardi) – Nine factions of political parties at the House of Representatives (DPR) are likely to go into the voting mechanism to deliberate the Regional Election Bill (RUU Pilkada) into law in the plenary session on Thursday (September 25).

At the time of writing, each of faction has delivered each political stance on the Regional Election Bill.

Four factions opting to maintaining the direct election of regional leaders are PDI-P, Democratic Party, PKB, and Hanura.

Five other factions, meanwhile, insisted to erase the direct election and to reinstate election of regional leaders by he Regional Legislative Council (DPRD) at regency/municipality and provincial level.

About 500 lawmakers are present at the plenary session at the moment.

The following is the formation of the attendance of the lawmakers based on the statements from the chairman of the plenary session.

PDI-P: 90 lawmakers
PKB: 21
Hanura: 10
Democratic Party: 131

The opposite side;

Gerindra: 22 lawmakers
Golkar: 96
PKS: 55
PAN: 43
PPP: 33