JAKARTA (Yosefardi) – The House of Representatives (DPR) has decided to cut the duration of their recess period from one month to only two weeks in maximum.

In addition, the DPR also eliminated a working visit to abroad for lawmakers listed in the DPR’s special committee (Pansus).

Those decision to cut the duration of the DPR’s recess period was agreed on Monday (Jan. 18) by the DPR leadership altogether with the heads of ten faction of political parties at the DPR.

According to the new Speaker of the DPR Ade Komaruddin, they took those decision to improve the legislation performance of the DPR.

As reported earlier, the DPR under previous leadership of Setya Novanto was harshly criticized for their very poor performance, including in legislation. (haryantosuharman@yosefardi.com)