JAKARTA (Yosefardi) – The President SBY’s Democratic Party has officially on Thursday (September 18) declared to maintain the direct election system for regional leaders.

Syarief Hasan, daily executive chairman of Democratic Party, announced the change of party’s political standing in a press briefing at the party’s headquarters this afternoon.

Syarief, who is also Minister of Cooperative & Small-Medium Enterprises (KUKM), however, said Democratic party purses ten points of improvement on the implementation of regional direct election.

Earlier, President SBY, in his capacity as Democratic Party Chairman, has hinted that the Democratic Party will keep maintaining the direct election of regional leaders.

SBY, through an interview published by Democratic Party’s youtube account, said the direct election of regional leaders is a result of the country’s reform and Indonesians are accustomed to the direct election.

The discussion on the Regional Election Bill has been the never ending debate between nine factions of political parties at the House of Representatives (DPR).

At the heart of the debate is the controversial proposal to erase direct election of regional leaders and reinstate election of regional leaders by the Regional Legislative Council (DPRD) at regency/municipality and provincial level.

Previously, the Democratic Party was among those political parties associated in the Red-and-White coalition that insisted to support the controversial proposal. (haryantos@yosefardi.biz)