JAKARTA (Yosefardi) – Shipping company PT Arpeni Pratama Ocean Lines Tbk (APOL) said its debt restructuring is stalled as creditors have approved its proposal.

Arpeni’s creditors (bonds and shares) consist of private firms and state-owned companies, and they have a different respond over the debt restructuring scheme proposed by Arpeni.

Arpeni assigned Deloitte Indonesia as financial consultant for debt restructuring. Arpeni said its units Arpeni Marine Co. Pte. Ltd. (ARS) has been in talks with UOB Limited Singapore for debt restructuring.

As at September 2015, APOL’s liability reached Rp6.77 trillion, including short term bank loan of Rp1.9 trillion and bond debt of Rp2.41 trillion.

Meanwhile shipping company and logistic service firm PT Indo Straits Tbk (PTIS) has bagged loan of Rp150 billion from PT Bank Permata Tbk (BNLI), through its unit PT Pelayaran Straits Perdana.