JAKARTA (Yosefardi) – The Transportation Ministry reported 3 airliners have turned their equities to positives as at September 30, 2015, joining other 10 airliners which have already reversed from the negative equities.

That said 3 airliners are Indonesia Air Asia, Cardig Air, and Tri MG Intra Asia. As at August 5, 2015, that 3 airliners had negative equities. They operate a scheduled flight. Air Asia currently has equity of Rp4.2 trillion.

While other 10 airliners, turning their equities to positive, operating a carter flight (not scheduled) are Ersa Eastern Aviation, Eastindo Service, Asialink Cargo Airlines, Tri MG Intra Asia, Jhonlin Air Transport, Transwisata Prima Aviation, Hevilift Aviation Indonesia, Asian One Air, and Survai Udara Penas.

Then now 17 airliners with scheduled flights and 43 airliners with carter flights have complied with the capital requirement and aircrafts partnership.

That said 17 airliners with scheduled flights are Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, Indonesia Air Asia, Trigana Air Service, Sriwijaya Air, Travel Express Aviation Services, Wings Abadi, Kalstar, Transnusa Aviation Mandiri, Asia Pudjiastuti Aviation, Citilink, Batik Air, Nam Air, Indonesia Air Asia Extra, Tri MG Intra Asia, Cardig Air, My Indo Airlines.