JAKARTA (Yosefardi) – Pharmaceutical firm PT Merck Tbk (MERK) posted 14.7% drop in profit to Rp122 billion in first nine months to September of 2015 period, from Rp142 billion in the same period of 2014.

Revenues rose 17.7% to Rp754 billion but operating profit only inched up 1.7% to Rp156 billion. Its assets reached Rp645 billion while liability amounted Rp122 billion.

PT Taisho Pharmaceutical Tbk (SQBB) also reported a 9.6% drop in net profit to Rp118 billion while revenues increased 3% to Rp391 billion. Operating profit dropped 13.3% to Rp143 billion. Its assets reached Rp421 billion while liability amounted Rp98 billion.

Meanwhile PT Kalbe Farma Tbk (KLBF) posted 0.5% profit growth to Rp1.53 trillion and revenues rose 2.9% to Rp13.13 trillion. Its assets was Rp13.26 trillion while liability amounted Rp2.77 trillion.

PT Enseval Putera Mega Trading Tbk (EMPT) booked net profit of Rp388 billion in the period, grew by 9.4% from Rp355 billion a year earlier. Revenues only rose 1.5% to Rp12.67 trillion.

While operating profit grew by 12.2% to Rp515 billion. Its assets reached Rp6.46 trillion while liability amounted Rp2.53 trillion. (Umar Ghofur contributed)