JAKARTA (Yosefardi) – -PT Link Net Tbk (LINK) had in November 19, 2015 acquired 6,124 shares of PT First Media Tbk (KBLV) for Rp9.4 billion.

First Media is unit of Lippo Group, sufering loss of Rp276.71 billion in the first half of 2015. KBLF’s revenus also dropped 59.5% to Rp475.1 billion.

LINK’s network coverage expanded to over 1.6 million homes passed in first nine months of 2015 period. Its revenue increased 22% to Rp1.88 trillion, driven by 20% and 32% growth in both residential and enterprise businesses, respectively.

LINK continues to maintain healthy margins with operating profit at Rp707 billion
representing 37% of revenue and a 15% growth year on year. Net income increased to Rp461 billion,growing marginally slower than previous quarter at 10%, due in large part to the impact of further local currency weakening.