JAKARTA (Yosefardi) – The regional government of West Java, DKI Jakarta, and Public Works Ministry have agreed to build 2 big dams in Ciawi and Sukamahi for helping overcome the floods issue.

The construction of 2 dams will start next year and take 3 years for the completion. The project will cost Rp1.9 trillion.

DKI Jakarta province allocates Rp1-1.2 trillion for land clearance of up to 161 hectares land area.

The flood which hit many parts in the country would impact on the manufacture sector, mainly industrial area such as
Jakarta and surrounding areas. This sector is expected to suffer loss of trillion rupiah due to flood factor.

Joko Widodo (Jokowi) as governor of DKI Jakarta province earlier claimed that the flood is not only the responsibility of regional government of DKI Jakarta, but also a concern or responsibility of the central government of Indonesia.

Jokowi noted some 13 big rivers are under the management or responsibility of the central government of Indonesia. While DKI government manages small rivers which total 885.

The flood in Jakarta city is caused by the heavy rain and also flood derived from upstream of rivers in Bogor, West Java.